One more time:  It has nothing to do with the beer!!

Hey there, it’s Rich Dale with a public service announcement I like to call “Contagious Diseases for Dummies”.

About a month ago, we heard that a lot of people were doing Google searches on phrases like “corona beer virus”.  Needless to say, or I thought it would be needless to say, coronavirus has nothing to do with Corona beer.

So imagine my surprise when I read a couple days ago that when 5W Public Relations polled American beer drinkers, they found that 38 percent would no longer buy Corona under any circumstances, while another 14 percent wouldn’t order one in a public venue!

Even if the disease were somehow in the beer, WHICH IT’S NOT, wouldn’t the alcohol content pretty much kill it?

I don’t own stock in Corona or anything, but I hate to see a respectable business take a hit because of a little confusion about the name.  Maybe they’re the ones that pushed for it to be called COVID-19.