One NFL Kicker Will Win Free Beer for His Entire City This Year, But It Won’t Be Chicago

I hope you’ll forgive me if my hopes aren’t extremely high…but hey, new year, new kicker!

Bud Light is trying to turn 2020 around by giving one sports town FREE BEER . . . and they’re letting the most important position in football decide who gets it:  Kickers.

This is DEFINITELY intriguing . . . but unfortunately, they’ve already limited this competition to just two cities:  Detroit and Denver.  The free beer will be given to the city with the kicker who makes the longest field goal this season.

So it’s between Lions kicker is Matt Prater and the Broncos kicker is Brandon McManus.  And this promotion came about after Brandon said he wanted to break the all-time record for longest field goal this season.

And Matt is included because he currently holds the record, which is 64 yards.

For the record, McManus’ personal best is 57 yards, which he did in 2015.  He’s said, quote, “I know I can make that, my teammates know I can make that.  In training camp, with live rushes, I’ve made it from 73 yards.”

Again, neither player HAS to beat the record . . . just make the longer kick this season.  (Before COVID-19 scraps the entire season.)

Hey Budweiser – this promotion would’ve been WAY more fun if you would’ve included EVERY team and kicker in the competition.  Any reason why you didn’t? I’ll wait for your response.