One Spectacular Train Ride

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and I’m not done talking about my trip to Alaska yet! We spent a few days at Denali park, and it was glorious. We saw so many animals, and we got to see the mountain, but, when you’re that close to it, it’s hard to see.

We took a glass domed train ride from Denali to Anchorage. It was spectacular. I thought I’d be bored being on an 8-hour train. I don’t do well with sitting still, and then I found out there was no wi-fi! The horror!

The time went by faster than I could have possibly imagined. Each car had its own host to tell the history and point out spots of interest. I spent quite a bit of time on the outside platform of the train. The weather was beautiful, about 70°, and the sun was shining. That’s when I got this amazing shot of Denali.

If you’re ever in Alaska, I highly recommend taking the glass domed train between Denali and Anchorage