Online Shopping Hack: Get a Deal by Just Leaving Stuff in Your Cart!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in the rearview mirror.  But here’s a trick that might snag you a deal between now and Christmas.

When you’re shopping online, try adding something to your cart and just LEAVING it there.  Don’t buy it right away.

The site you’re on probably has your email.  And most of the big shopping sites track abandoned orders now. The idea is they’ll see that you ALMOST bought something.  And if you wait a few days, they may try to close the deal by sending you a discount code.

They might offer something like free shipping or 15% off.  Maybe more than that if it happens to be a product they need to get rid of.

The only real risk is leaving it in your cart TOO long.  Don’t wait to order a gift for someone if it might not ship in time for the holidays.

Huff Post did a nice write-up on this if you want to check it out.