A few weeks back I blogged about “Human Moments”.  They are the little moments you can have between strangers and know what each other is thinking, usually without any words.  My friend Michelle just came back from Boston.  She had been in the airport and could not find a plug to charge her phone.  All the plugs near her were broken or taken.  She caught the eye of this nice guy in the picture and that Human Moment turned into a Human Hour.  His name is Jacob Wallace.  He was very polite and said, “Ma’am…you can use this plug for your phone.”

I would have ignored him because I hate the M Word.   I would rather let my phone go all the way to the low power battery saving mode than to answer to “Ma’am”.  But Michelle is very nice and sees the good in everyone and she knows we are old enough to be called Ma’ams.  She used the plug and then got his entire life story…birth to college to now!

Thank You Jacob for helping my old friend with her phone!  He was on his way to Colorado to play Baseball with the Rockies.  It’s just nice to be able to celebrate a real gentleman.  – JB