Only YOU Can Stop the Proliferation of FAKE NEWS!

Hi, it’s Leslie Harris, and as the political season heats up, you know that the political commercials and stories will as well.

Yesterday, A friend of mine posted an outlandish “fact” about a politician who is running for office. I did a quick search (about 30 seconds) and found out that did politician never said the thing that she was accusing him of. I posted the proof that it was false. She admitted that she’d made a mistake, but instead of deleting the original post, she left it on her page and deleted my comments! She did post the correction in her own comments, but you know that MANY people share information without looking at the comments.

Please remember, this happened on both sides of the aisle! It’s always easy to blame the other side, but we must work together to stop this from happening.

When you see anything on the internet, political or not, please please PLEASE check the facts. When it comes to major candidates, this is usually pretty easy. If several reputable news sources are reporting the same story, then it’s probably true. Another good resource is

Whatever you do, let’s work together stomp out fake news!

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