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Opening Day for the MLB! Look inside for some new food offerings at the ballparks.

I love opening day because I was a baseball player from 6 years old and retired at 18 on the American Legion Team in Keene, NH.  I was 10-0 in High School.  I was a pitcher…a lefty with 3 curve balls and a slow ball.  My coach used to tell me I couldn’t break a pane of glass.  What I did have was control and at that level of baseball, my curves were very elusive to the youngsters swinging the bats.  I loved the game.  Here is some opening day stuff you can share with friends.

Budweiser petitioned the U.S. Government to make Opening Day a national holiday. Over 102,000 people signed the petition. Budweiser claims many people take half-days to attend Opening Day games.

Baseball fans will devour over 150,000 hot dogs, 264,000 cups of beer, 32,250 servings of nachos, 146,000 cups of soda, 45,500 sausages, 25,000 pounds of peanuts, 16,500 slices of pizza, 9,000 bags of popcorn, 6,500 hamburgers and 12,500 orders of French fries on Opening Day.

The Kansas City Royals are selling brisket-topped tater tots. The tots are topped with smoked brisket, white queso and barbecue sauce and they are also selling a strawberry swiss roll. It features chocolate sponge cake swirled with strawberry jam, white chocolate mousse and milk chocolate ganache

The Boston Red Sox are selling buffalo chicken-topped tater tots with blue cheese

The Pittsburgh Pirates are selling cinnamon chipotle-topped tater tots. The spuds are topped with cinnamon chipotle spiced pulled pork, onions and chipotle maple syrup

The Toronto Blue Jays are selling Log Cabin-topped tater tots.The potatoes are topped with Canadian maple baked beans, bacon, cheddar cheese, pulled pork and sour cream

The Toronto Blue Jays are selling funnel cake poutine.The fried funnel cake is served with ice cream, chocolate, caramel and marshmallows

The Houston Astros are selling a Fritos pie corn dog. The footlong hot dog is dipped in Fritos corn chips batter before being covered with queso and Texas Chili.

The Philadelphia Phillies are selling a donut burger. The burger is placed on a glazed donut before being topped with cheese, bacon and a spicy cherry pepper Jam.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are selling a Pittsburgh Cone. The waffle cone is stuffed with kielbasa sausage, pierogis, swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing.


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