Ordering Delivery? You May Be Getting Chuck E. Cheese or Applebee’s Without Knowing It

That sneaky, sneaky Mr. Cheese. If you’ve been ordering delivery pizza from a new joint called “Pasqually’s Pizza and Wings” you’re probably getting a fancier version of a pie from Chuck E. Cheese.

Chuck E. Cheese has been using a “renaming” tactic to stay afloat. One Reddit user busted Chuck after tasting something…familiar…about his delivered pizza. He texted his GrubHub driver to ask if his pizza was from Chuck E. Cheese to which the driver replied “There was a Chuck E. Cheese store but the windows had ‘wing restaurant’ on them. I was confused, too!”

And yes, this is happening locally, too.

A Chuck E. Cheese rep told Food & Wine that the kid’s fun and food complex shares the same kitchen as Pasqually’s but Pasqually’s pizza uses “thicker dough and more sauce”.

Applebee’s has been using the same tactic, according to those who had “Neighborhood Wings” delivered to their home. Folks who have ordered wings from this alleged new spot have noticed that Applebee’s shares the same address as “Neighborhood Wings”.