Our Health Institutions Seem To Lack Our Trust!

So there is so much information and speculation out there because of the coronavirus and the pandemic. Many do not believe what they hear about the COVID19 itself or about the vaccines and what positive and negative affects they might have. It’s hard not to be skeptical when things change from week to week, but I think part of that is simply the unknown factor that even the doctors and scientists are dealing with. This is all new to almost everyone! The stories from a year ago have now become so different and we’ve learned so much more about what to do and how to try to manage this pandemic. There is no doubt that the vaccines are having a very positive affect, but many are still in doubt. Two of my kids are fully vaccinated the other two very skeptical and hesitate. Not enough information, too soon, we just don’t know all the effects as of now are some of the comments I’ve heard from them. They also think that because they are young they’re not as much at risk. I don’t agree with that, but they are adults and have their own ideas. It would seem that many out there have doubts about our health systems and what they offer. A new study shows just how much or how little confidence there is in some of our heath institutions. Here’s what the Harvard study had to say.

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