One of our co-workers — we’ll call her Leah — was cleaning her house the other day. She decided to be smart and vacuum out the ash from her fireplace.

Smart right?! Yep…until the ash she was vacuuming started SPEWING ALL OVER HER ROOM like a volcano had just erupted!

From “Leah”:

In case you were wondering, it is NOT a good idea to vacuum out your fireplace with a shop vac. It blows the ashes everywhere and now my whole house looks like the city of Pompei. 🤦🏻‍

Leah and here family actually had to leave the house for a while because they couldn’t breath!

Upon further investigation, it turns out Leah had not checked to see if the filter had been installed in the aforementioned ShopVac. You see, it was borrowed from someone who had just used it to suck up water…which does not require a filter.

The takeaway? Always check for the filter.