Our Top 15 Most Popular Stories of 2022

Here’s a look back at the year that was on 959TheRiver.com. Each day, the DJs post one, sometimes multiple, posts on our website. Naturally, older posts tend to have higher numbers because they have been around longer. Here is a look at the ten posts with the most views in 2022.

#15 – Hollywood Casino Moving Out Of Downtown Aurora.
A staple of downtown Aurora is moving out.

#14 – Dan Akroyd, Jim Belushi to Appear at Old Joliet Prison for Blues Brothers Con
Two big names headline a party at their old stompin’ grouds in Joliet!

13 – Pump the Brakes With all the 20-inches of Snow Talk
Seems like this type of stuff happens each Winter.

#12 – Aurora’s Luigi’s Pizza and Fun Center Shutting Its Doors For Good
The closing of an Aurora icon.

#11 – Did A Guy Try to Steal ABC7 News Crew Equipment While They Were Shooting a Story About Crime Prevention?!
Sometimes the irony hits you in the face.

#10 – Do NOT Throw Your Old Halloween Pumpkins in the Woods!
A story from a few years ago that continues to be words of wisdom every Fall!

#9 – Snow Storm Forces Woman to Deliver Baby in Plainfield Parking Lot
A heartwarming story out of Plainfield from last winter that ended with a beautiful baby!

#8 – Three New Businesses In Naperville Have Me Excited!
A trio of new businesses in Naperville that Nick was looking forward to.

#7 – TRUE: A Cougar Was Hit on I-88 Near Maple Park on Sunday
Cougars on the prowl in the western suburbs!

#6 – A Gas Stimulus Check for Illinoisans? Really?
An idea to help curb the pain at the pump in Illinois.

#5 – Kids Lined the Halls of a Plainfield School to Cheer for Its Custodian Because He Just Became a US Citizen!
A feel good story out of Plainfield.

#4 – Big Changes Coming to O’Hare Airport
Updates coming to the big air port.

#3 – Nude Pickleball is a thing…Really!
Two words: nude. pickleball.

#2 – Plainfield “Stranger Things” House Shutting Down Because of Alleged Neighbor Confrontation
A home in Plainfield went viral with their Stranger Things Halloween decorations. Then things got interesting when the neighbors complained.

#1 – Wondering What Betty White Was Worth When She Died?
In the wake of Betty White’s death on January 17th, people were very interested in her net worth.