Outdoor Street Dining: Yay or Nay?

Hi, Leslie Harris here, and one restaurant owner in St Charles is upset.

Walnut Avenue was closed during the pandemic so that Flagship on the Fox could serve patrons outside, but now Walnut Avenue will be opening back up for traffic, which leaves Flagship on the Fox without outdoor seating. Understandably, the owner is upset, but the alderman say that they cannot keep that street closed to traffic for one restaurant.

The owner was told in April of 2022 start looking for another option for the following summer, but he did not come up with any solutions.

I live in Downers Grove, and the compromise has been to use part of the sidewalk and part of the parking spots on the street for outdoor dining, leaving the streets open for traffic. This has upset some members of our community as it has eliminated our Friday night car show, and some people with disabilities find navigating our sidewalks difficult.

I understand the frustration of the owner of Flagship on the Fox, but I also understand the aldermen’s point of view. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.