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Pandemic Got You Down? We Have Some Helpful Suggestions.

Well we’ve waded through a year of this pandemic and many of us are feeling the effect of less social interaction among co-workers and friends as well as simply being stymied emotionally. I think most of us have felt the frustration of not going out. I mean how many Netflix series can you watch before going blind or postal? I know I was over joyed when I got the word last summer about being able to get back in the studio after 16 weeks of doing my show from my dinning room table! Now don’t get me wrong, the station is not a hot bed for socialization. Actually there’s no one there. Scott Mackay comes in and does the morning show in studio, but Danielle Tufano is still working from home as is our midday guro Nick Jakusz. I’m all by myself in studio in the afternoon. No sales and support staff on hand. Again all working from home (although I can leave the studio door open now and turn up the music as loud as I want.) I’m happy to make the commute, but I do miss my fellow River compatriots and the interaction that would take place daily in house. It seems the the frustration and the burnout that accompanies what we are dealing with is pretty common and widespread. I found a piece with some suggestions on helping to cope.


Burnout Isn’t Just Exhaustion. Here’s How To Deal With It. 

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