Partied with a BORG? If Not, Here’s the Chaos You’re Missing Out On

If you’re not on TikTok . . . and not 22 years old . . . you may not have seen a “BORG.” And that’s not a bad thing!

But if you’re BORG-curious, here’s the chaos you’re missing out on!

@faceoffdrinkinggame BORG kinda weekend🔥 #borg #fyp #college ♬ The Spins X The Other Side x Kids – darcy stokes

There’s a trend where young people are partying or tailgating with a gallon jug, filled with a colorful liquid. That’s a “BORG,” which stands for “Black Out Rage Gallon.”

It’s basically just a lazy mixed drink…or the new “jungle juice,” if you will.

It’s easy: You get a plastic gallon jug that’s partially filled with water, and add whatever amount of vodka you want.

Then you add COLOR. A popular choice is Mio, those egg-shaped bottles of liquid “water-enhancing” flavorings. There are a bunch of varieties like Strawberry Watermelon, Fruit Punch, Lemonade, and Berry Grape. You do you.

You can also add Pedialyte or Liquid IV if you want.

That’s it. Delicious, right?!

The last step is to give your BORG a name, and write it on the side with a Sharpie. Puns are popular, and I’ve seen ones called “Chairman of the Borg,” “Borgingham Palace,” and “I like big borgs and I cannot lie.”

There’s some advantages to this, as you’ll hear in the video below! You keep your own container, which is more sanitary; you can control the amount of alcohol that goes in, if any at all; and it’s a lot hard for a nefarious character to slip something into, which is a legitimate concern if you’re a young woman. And honestly, it eliminates a lot of peer pressure! If you want to “hang with your homies” as the kids say, you can do so without being judged for not drinking! Maybe these kid are on to something?!

Now, being middle-aged, you aren’t gonna see me getting all borg-ed out. HOWEVER, here’s a great suggestion to make a more reasonable borg.

@erin.monroe_ Replying to @yodster42 #borg #genz #millennial #harmreduction #foryou ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

To be fair, the borg is probably already a thing of the past for Gen Zers. If I, a 40-year-old suburban male, am talking about it, and middle-aged women are making videos on TikTok, the trend is likely over for the younger folk!

That’s how it goes, though! Have fun out there!