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Partying with your co-workers … yay or nay?

So last weekend was River Prom.  This year in particular was a real party.   Everyone came dressed to the nine and and I think after the winter we had and the stupid snow that arrived that day, everyone was ready to kick their heels up and let their hair down.

So a whole bunch of my co-workers were there.  My fellow jocks – Nick, Mitch, Scott, Danielle, Jan, Chris and Jess.  It is always fun to hang out with them because we don’t get to see each other that much … particularly the awesome Weekend River gang.  In addition to DJ’s – our sales team was there, our promotion team was there, and even our big boss was there.   Now sometimes when there is an open bar and you are with your co-workers it can be trouble.  Now I’m not gonna lie … I was feeling pretty happy but fortunately I am one of those people who after a few drinks LOVES everyone.  So I never need to worry about getting into a drunken’ squabble with a co-worker … (although I may need to be reprimanded for the number of times I told people they were gorgeous and hugged them.)

So how about you?  Do you think it’s safe to party with your co-workers or is that too much of a slippery slope?

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