Paul Tells The Tale Of Who Broke Up The Beatles!

In my estimation The Beatles were the most amazing band ever. The music they produced, the innovation they created, the effect upon the world and society is unequiled. I know The Stones have lasted all these years, The Eagles and the Beach Boys were remarkably prolific and creative, but The Beatles music just seems more timeless and still relevant even today! They lasted ten years and produced some of the most memorable and distinctive songs. When they broke up the world was sad and fingers were pointed in all directions as to who caused this dastardly deed! Was it Yoko? Was it John? Paul maybe? Was it just too much to think they couldn’t keep it together for all of us out here? Well, there’s new interview with Paul and he says that he felt at the time that he broke up the band, but I’ll let him tell ya.

Paul McCartney Interview: