Pay What You Can at The Paramount

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and the Paramount theater in Aurora has a great deal. On certain nights they are offering pay what you can. What it means is that you pay whatever you feel comfortable and are able to pay, and you can get up to four tickets for that performance. They’ll sell you the best seats available for that performance.

The Paramount believes that everyone should have a chance to see live theater, so they have developed this program, and there are 2 nights per show.

For example, this Thursday, you can see Bull: A Love Story at the Copley theater. Show up to the box office at 10:00 a.m. Thursday morning, and they will sell you up to four tickets, at whatever price you name for that night’s performance. Other shows include The Sound of Music, Into the Woods and School of Rock.

Find out more about Pay What You Can at The Paramount Theatre in Aurora HERE