People Are Now Dressing Fancy to Take Out The Trash

Well, this is where we are now. We used to dress fancy when we used to be able to go out. Now, “going out” is a pretty loose term. So loose, in fact, it now can refer to the chore of taking out the trash.

Well, if taking out the trash is the new “going out” then it’s no wonder people are “dressing” for “the occasion.”

Check this out…people are putting on their Sunday best for their walks to the dumpster!

This couple from Hinsdale celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, gown and tux and all, while taking out their trash!

Here are a few more…


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Life in lockdown! The excitement for the week! Bin night! 😂😂😂😂 #nswathome #binisolationouting @binisolationouting

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