People Are Working Longer Hours, Other Coronavirus Nuggets For Your Weekend

1.  The average person’s workday has been 48-and-a-half minutes longer since the pandemic started, according to a new study . . . mostly because working from home means more after-hours emails.

2.  Burger King in Belgium has created face masks with food orders printed on them.  You request one on their social media sites, they’ll send it to you, and you can go into one of their stores and order what’s on your mask without saying a word.



3.  Of the kids who are going back to school this fall, only 30% will take the bus . . . that’s down 31% from before the pandemic.

4.  PETA is taking heat after they put up a billboard that says “Tofu never caused a pandemic.”





5.  The Orpheum Theater in Memphis, Tennessee can’t run shows right now . . . so they put a nine-hole mini golf course on their stage to make some money.

6.  A farm in Michigan spelled out “COVID GO AWAY” with its 13-acre corn maze this year.