Pete Townshend On Life And The Who.

The Who are on tour again and will be in Chicago on October 12th at the United Center. Certainly one of the greatest rock n roll bands of all time and one of the best live acts ever! My experiences with them goes back to 1970 when I first saw them in my home town of Cleveland, then to our satellite/video adventure on December 8th, 1979 when we streamed their show from the International Amphitheater to 9 Chicagoland theaters and gave an extra 25,000 Who fans a chance to witness them live. This was a first and it was one of the most exciting times of my career. Now here we are 43 years later and The Who are still rockin’ us! Pete Townshend has been a very introspective person all his life and that hasn’t changed as he approaches his next challenge. Check out his thoughts below.

Pete Townshend: “I Don’t Deserve To Be Alive Today”.