PHOTO: Olive Garden Releases Family Pajama Sets

If you are from the Joliet area, you know how long about the collective yearning for an Olive Garden has been bubbling. If you live in the Joliet area, you also know how you felt when you read the news that Joliet is finally getting the nation’s favorite Italian restaurant!

Now, Joliet-area citizens, you can go to sleep at night not only dreaming of the new Olive Garden on Rt. 30 by Costco, but you can literally wear your excitement on your body!

Olive Garden is hoping to bring back a little bit of its old slogan, “When you’re here, you’re family” by releasing a new line of family pajamas printed with soup, salad, breadsticks, and pasta.

The price tag isn’t too crazy, either! Adult sets are going for $35 and kids for $25…that is at least until they sell out and the black market for these Olive Garden PJs goes crazy!
The onesies will go on sale at on December 6.
The Joliet Olive Garden is looking like it should open in February.
Here’s hoping they’re cozy enough to wear after enjoying Olive Garden’s “Never Ending” pasta, right there in Joliet!