When I was a kid, I used to go “camping” with my parents all the time (I put that in quotes because I’ve never slept in a tent – it’s always been in a trailer or cabin with most of the creature comforts from home, but we had a fire, so it counts).

I’m excited for the opportunity to pass the tradition along to my kids, starting with my three-year-old Max. He seemed to take to it pretty well, as long a we were doing something he enjoyed like play with dinosaurs or eating junk food!


We had a dinosaur hunt where Busha hid dinos all around the campground and Max had to find them. That was a big hit. We hit up a few of the local breweries, which were both very kid-friendly. Just an all around great couple of days of making memories.


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Having a ball with Max, Busha and Papa!

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I hope you had a great weekend…now get back to work!