Plainfield is One of the Nation’s Top Hipsturbias?

Yep…you read that right.

Hip-sturbia. It’s a term that refers to cool suburban communities that are attracting 30-something Millennials out of over-priced urban areas with their blend of .

According to the website, Plainfield has been identified as one of 10 of these sought-after towns. Here’s what they have to say about the oldest community in Will County:

Plainfield’s name definitely belies the buzz this up-and-coming hipsturbia is generating. Affordability and youth are key to its appeal, with a median age of just under 35 and a median home price right at $300,000. The city of about 43,000 features eclectic shops, including candle stores and game outlets, as well as breweries, dozens of restaurants and an axe-throwing spot, where hipsters can come together and get medieval. Other draws are the summer outdoor concert and film series downtown in Settlers’ Park and tubing on the Plainfield River. One downside is the nearly 40-mile (not minute) commute if you work in Chicago, unless your job is in nearby Joliet.

When my wife first told me Plainfield was dubbed a hipsturbia there was no denying it! What do you think of when you think hipsters?

Craft beer? There are two breweries in Plainfield (Werk Force, Garage Band), and a handful more in adjacent towns.

Coffee? Two local cafes come to mind right away (Krema, Ten Drops)

Vinyl records? Left Round Records is near downtown.

Then there’s Black Dog Vinyl Cafe, which is really a hipster trifecta as a record store and coffee shop that also has craft beer for sale! Check…check…triple check!

Downtown has so many great locally owned restaurants and retail shops.

As a resident, I can certainly attest to all the fun and exciting things happening in P-field!