Plainfield, Romeoville Getting More Access to I-55 With New and Expanded Interchanges

As a resident of Plainfield, there have really only been two ways to get on to I-55: Route 126 if you want to go north or Route 30 if I want to go south.

But soon, as reported by our sister station WJOL, those of us who are close to Route 126 or Lockport Street no longer have to make any choices!

You may already know that the interchange at Route 126 is really only a HALF of an interchange. You can only get ON to I-55 going northbound, and you can only get OFF I-55 if you are going southbound. But apparently the challenges of expanding that interchange to accommodate all directions of travel have been met! Here’s what the NEW Route 126 interchange will look like:

Graphic: V3 Companies, with added highlights

A huge improvement over what currently is available for those who commute near this area!

Not only that, but they plan to add an entire new interchange to Lockport Street (Plainfield)/Airport Road (Romeoville) where none currently exists! 

Yes, this will likely cause a bit more traffic going up and down these roads, and my hopes are that there are plans to improve them (especially Lockport street between Rt. 59 and I-55…that roadways is TERRIBLE). What this should also due is ease up traffic on Route 30 near I-55 as fewer drivers will have to venture down there to access the highway.

We’ll see how it all shakes out! We know how long and arduous these projects take…especially in Illinois.