Planting Is Good For The Soul!

So today I finally got busy and did some planting in my garden. I’m a couple of weeks behind last year because of weather and being out of town last weekend. For me there’s just something special about digging in the dirt and putting things in it that you watch grow and that you want to thrive and then enjoy the natural beauty of it. It’s a bit of work and there’s a good amount of maintenance, but again, for me, it’s a labor of love! Sitting on my patio surrounded by beautiful blooms and plants that just keep reaching up higher toward the sky is especially delightful! It makes me feel alive and like I might have achieved or acomplished something. I like that! I enjoy sharing my flowers and plants with folks too, whether in person or on social media people seem to get a kick and a good feeling from my photos and shots and I like that too! There’s still more to do, but it’s a start and I feel like we all need some good vibes and positives being sent out there so this is part of my part! And the white butterfly has been back too! Hey Spence! Planting is good for the soul.