Plants. A Way To Help Beat The Winter Blahs!

So I’m kind of a count down guy. 31 days till it’s lighter later longer or as some call it Daylight Savings Time returns. And of course what follows DST in short order? Spring now 37 days away. It is getting closer and I am a Spring kind of guy too! Spring means new beginnings, rebirth and for some of us actual birth! I love the thought of being out in my garden again with the sun shining down and me planting this years crop of flowers. But getting through the cold winter months can be tough (especially if Ma Nature is being as difficult as she has been for the past 10 days or so). No worries! We’ll get there, but one way to help keep things alive and fresh is to have some plants that keep your house green and crisp through those cold and dreary  months. I found a  piece about plants that actually help purify your household air so I thought I’d share.

7 Air-Purifying Plants. Click Here.