Please Help Save Lives

Hi, this is Leslie Harris, and you may or may not know that I’m a crazy cat lady. I’ve been a crazy cat lady in waiting all my life, and now I have my wings, or maybe I should say my tail.

Anyway, the adorable kittens you see in the picture above were born in my home on March 29th. One of them, the old gray one, (along with the mama cat) have already been adopted, but the other three are all available.

Peanut Blossom, Macaron and Cannoli are some of the sweetest, friendliest and snuggliest kittens you’re ever going to meet. I always recommend adopting two at a time, unless you have other young cats at home. Kittens enjoy each other’s company, as well as the company of their human companions. They are also less likely to get bored and cause mischief since they keep each other entertained.

If you are not interested in adopting right now, you can still help kittens like these guys, especially if you have a spare closet or bathroom. Fosters are desperately needed.

The pandemic shut down a lot of the spay and neuter programs, and kitten season has exploded like never before. Most shelters will provide you with food, litter and all vet expenses, as well as finding homes for them. All you need to provide is space to keep the cat(s) until your local shelter can find them forever homes. It’s really not much to ask, and you’ll be saving healthy cats and kittens from becoming euthanized for no reason other than there’s just no space for them.

Check your local rescue organization, or you can always check The shelter I foster for – Saint Sophia’s Forgotten Felines. We are based in Wheaton, and you can fill out a volunteer form HERE.

Please help save more of these precious babies!

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