Please Let Cher Volunteer at the Post Office

CHER spent her day yesterday trying to save the USPS by VOLUNTEERING . . . but they didn’t seem too excited about it.

She started by Tweeting, quote, “Can people volunteer at the post office!?  I’M NOT KIDDING . . . COULD I VOLUNTEER AT MY POST OFFICE!?”

Apparently, no one was responding, because a half-hour later, she added, quote, “IS NO ONE GOING TO HELP ME WITH POST OFFICE!?”

Then, she took things into her OWN hands . . . quote, “Okay, I called two post offices in Malibu.  They were polite.  I said, ‘Hi, this is Cher, and I’d like to know if you ever take volunteers.’

“[The] lady said she didn’t know, and gave me the number of the supervisor.  I called, and [they said] ‘No, need fingerprints and a background check.'”

I feel like no matter how hard she tries, they keep pushing her aside, and she can’t breakthrough. 😀

But it’s STILL possible that you’ll buy some stamps from Cher.  The American Postal Workers Union replied to Cher’s last tweet, asking her to DM them and get involved in helping the Postal Service.

I don’t know about you, but Cher for Postmaster General!!!!!!