Poi Dog Pondering’s 40th Anniversary Extravaganza Takes Center Stage at RiverEdge Park

Get ready for a musical journey through four decades of soulful sounds as Poi Dog Pondering, the iconic transcendental rock band, gears up for their 40th-anniversary concert at RiverEdge Park! Mark your calendars for the exclusive one-night event, “Poi Dog Pondering: A Celebration of 40 Years of Life, Love, and Music,” on Saturday, August 17, 2024, at 8 p.m.

This unforgettable celebration, set against the scenic backdrop of RiverEdge Park in downtown Aurora, promises a night of nostalgia and musical brilliance. Score your early bird discount tickets now, available until May 31 for just $30. Prices bump up to $40 from June 1 onwards, so secure your spot early and be part of this historic event. With Poi Dog Pondering’s passionate fanbase here in the suburbs, a sold-out show is on the horizon!

The celebration doesn’t stop there! PDP is gearing up for a year of special releases leading up to the RiverEdge concert! Dive into their musical evolution with five albums and two books, including the recently dropped “Sweeping up the Cutting Room Floor, Vol 2” and the dance-worthy “Four on the Floor.” Explore the roots of the band with “The Best of the Hawai’i Years” and “The Best of the Chicago Years,” showcasing their journey from cassette albums to Chicago recordings. Stay tuned for a mini-album in early August and a captivating coffee-table photo journal and book documenting the band’s history.


  • “Sweeping up the Cutting Room Floor, Vol 2” (a double album of unreleased material) – just released this week: available here
  • “Four on the Floor” (a dance party album of PDP dance floor remixes) – just released this week: available here
  • “The Best of the Hawai’i Years” (an album curated of songs from the 1st five cassette PDP albums) – just released today! available here
  • “The Best of the Chicago Years” (a curation of Chicago recorded PDP Classics) – to be released with the 2nd wave of RiverEdge ticket promotion
  • A yet to be titled, mini album (currently being recorded especially for the RiverEdge PDP concert) – to be released 1 week before the RiverEdge concert, in anticipation of…
  • “Poi Dog Pondering” (a photo/journal book on the history and travel adventures of the band) – to be released 1 month before the RiverEdge concert, in anticipation of…
  • and lastly, Frank Orrall’s debut Cookbook “Chef Franc: Cooking with the Dandy” – to be released 1 month before the RiverEdge concert, in anticipation of…