Summer is coming!  Kids will be swimming!  And you want them to be safe doing so.  I can help!

The CDC says that drowning is the #1 cause of unintentional death among kids ages 1-4.  And the #2 cause for kids ages 5-9.  So here are some helpful tips to keep kids safe around the swimming pool:

  1.  Teach them how to swim! Or make sure they wear a US Coast Guard approved life jacket.
  2. Never leave them unattended around the water, make sure an adult can supervise.
  3. Tell them to stay away from drains.
  4. Maintain your pool if you have one and secure it with barriers and covers.
  5. Learn CPR!

You can also click HERE for more ideas.   Lets your kids have fun, but keep an eye on them this summer.


~ Tim Thomas