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Potato Chips are good for you on this National Potato Chip Day!

One snack that I could never go without would be the Potato Chip.  I love me some chips.  It took me a long time to graduate from the normal chip to the “ridged” chip.  That was about the time I started enjoying the onion dip my mother made.  A few years later I started liking sour cream and onion chips, then the barbecue chip.  The one chip I do not care much for is the Vinegar flavored.

Awesome to find out Chips are good for you and other fun facts below!

A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience reveals that French fries, potato chips and Cheetos are good for you. Researchers say the snacks contain so much salt that they can lower the amount of stress hormones in the body. Each aforementioned snack raises the level of oxytocin, which is the hormone that gives us a feeling of comfort.


A study by i-Kube reveals that potato chips are the most dangerous food to eat while driving followed by chocolate and soda pop. Other findings:

– 5% of motorists have crashed or had a near-miss while eating at the wheel

– 60% of people regularly eat and drink while driving

– the average person would have to sing Coldplay and Beyonce songs for 30 minutes to burn off one potato chip with French onion dip.(

– the average person would have to run 49 football fields to burn off just two handfuls of potato chips (

– top foods women break their diet with: chocolate, wine, cheese, potato chips and cake

– a survey published in the Daily Mail reveals that 80% of parents put unhealthy food such as chips and chocolate in their children’s lunchboxes.

– 33% of people will eat chips, pizza and chocolate after a bad day (the makers of the protein drink Upbeat)

– 50% of people like snacking on chips (Frito-Lay)

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