Potato Chips. Go Ahead We’ll Make More Flavors.

Potato chips are a very dangerous item of food. You start to eat a few and before you know it you’ve consumed a whole bag. Come on, I know you’ve had this happen in your world too. I’m not out here by myself with this confession! You know “I’ll bet ya can’t eat just one.” Did you ever stop to think about how many different flavors of chips there are? It’s unbelievable! I know we all have different types of taste, but really…. classic, wavy, wavy ranch, baked, barbecue, sour cream and onion, salt and vinegar, lightly salted, cheddar and sour cream, limon-flavored, honey barbecue, sweet southern heat…and that’s just some of them. Don’t worry we’ll make more! Danger Will Robinson. Pass the Sour cream, dried dill weed, garlic salt, minced onion dip, please! Party Time!!


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