Powerful Winter Storm Could Provide a White Christmas

If you are like me and enjoy having snow on the ground for Christmas, we may be getting our wish…in a BIG way!

Forecasters are keeping their eyes on a potentially large blizzard heading our way this week! The National Weather Service says the main action will likely take place Thursday night through Friday night with the biggest impact being the cold temperatures and strong winds!

What’s always interesting to me is differentiating between what forecasters are confident in and what they are not. Seems like they have the most confidence in the cold and (potentially damaging) winds, but they are less confident in the amount of snow and where the most snow will end up falling. Usually with snow storms, the line seperating the largest snow from more modest amounts is very fine. One town can get 14 inches and the neighboring town can see 3. Forecasting where that line will be so many days out is incredibly difficult.

More important than actual numbers is the general knowledge a significant weather event is likely and how we should prepare. Besides the normal travel issues, power outages may occur. If that happens, you’ll want to make sure you’re ready for that!