Procrastinate! Don’t Do It!!

So have you started to get some of those things done that you promised yourself you’d do when you made those New Years resolutions? Have you gotten into that workout program to get back into better shape? How about that diet to shed a few of those extra pandemic pounds? Start putting a little more money away for that rainy day or for retirement? These and many other tasks we talk about taking on are just the tip of the iceberg when it come to procrastination! There’s that word! We all do it! How bout those home improvement projects you’re thinking about!? It just depends on how strong your will is and how much discipline you have. I have to say I’ve been pretty regular with my workouts since the start of the year although I can always find a reason to skip one too. My diet is holding pretty strong. Dry January, no alcohol, no pasta, no bread, no deserts and I’m down 9 pounds. I’m hoping to drop a few more before Monday comes around. Spending less this month (no alcohol!!) so I should be able to throw a bit more in the bank and I gotta get those old couches out of the basement. We’ll see, but that word procrastination haunts us all! There really is more to it that you think. Found an interesting piece written about it you might enjoy. So don’t put it off!! Read It Now!!

Procrastination Is More Than Putting Things Off. Click Here.