I was just reading an article about 2019 Prom Trends.  Let’s see if my prom measures up from the late nineties.

According to Dress Your Fancy dot com the number one trend this year is to Sparkle and Shine!  My dress wasn’t sparkly or shiny.  And it wasn’t a ballgown.  That’s number two.  I am only on the second trend and already glad that Baby Beretta doesn’t have to attend a Prom in Kindergarten!  I wonder what the average cost of Prom Night is this year.  I want to say dyeing my shoes the same red color was more expensive than that dress and necklace combined.  The third trend is to have a dress color of Rose or Gold.  Are people pretending to be an Oscar for prom?  Fun!  Not my style though.  Finally something that came back this year from the 90’s – back designs.  You can’t tell from the picture by my dress had an “x” design.  It made it very hard to shop for a bra.   We still wore those back in the 90’s.

Here’s the full article to get ready for the River Prom – It is coming next month, get your tickets now!!