Public Address Announcer Tells Crowd to “Shut up!” After Heckling Referees

I’ve been on this band wagon for a long time now: the worst part of youth sports is parents. If you go to any sporting event from 1st grade through high school, you’ll see it. It’s getting worse, not better.

This embarrassing display from “adults” was on full display recently at a youth basketball game in Wisconsin, and the public address announcer had enough of it!

If you have ever wondered why there is a shortage of officials in youth sports, this is the reason. It’s not because kids are lazy and don’t play the games any more. It’s because grown adults treat officials like this.

This PA guy is my  new hero!

PS…here’s the website to sign up to be an IHSA official. If you’ve ever yelled at a referee from the stands, I encourage you to click it.