Hey…let’s all take it easy with the total snow predictions we’re seeing right now.

What we know…most of us are going to get some snow. It’s important to say most…maybe even just SOME of us, because the gradient is snow severity is very tight. That is to say the band of heaviest snow is going to be relatively narrow! Joliet may get a foot while Geneva may only see an inch or two. It really depends on how the storm adjusts and moves as it creeps closer.

If it shifts north, then more of us will see heavy snow. If it shits south, even just a little, then most of us may not get much at all.

Here’s what the National Weather Service has to say.

I also really enjoy the approach the Joliet Weather Service takes in the days leading in to potentially heavy snow events.

Honestly, the exact total amount we get isn’t very important. What IS important is knowing that we will get some significant snow and travel will be hazardous. As long as you’re prepared for that, then the exact number of inches is pretty irrelevant.

Have fun out there!