Pumpkin Spice Butt Wipes Have Arrived

The Pumpkin Spice Latte hit Starbucks last week.  But this is even more exciting:  Now a totally different orifice can enjoy those fall flavors . . .

Pumpkin spice BUTT WIPES are now a thing that exist.

The company Dude Wipes is making them . . . and calling them “DUMPkin Spice” wipes.


According to the description, they’re designed to, quote, “keep your butt cozy with a pumpkin spice-inspired mix of clove, nutmeg, and other fall sh**.”

They posted a picture of a pumpkin with the date “9-5-23” carved in it, so we’re guessing that’s when they officially drop.  But you can already buy them on Amazon.  That picture was a reference to a similar one Starbucks posted.

It’s actually something Dude Wipes JOKED about doing a few years back.  They posted a fake photo of pumpkin spice butt wipes in 2019.

I guess corporate decided the world was finally ready for the real thing.

Funny story, one of the founders of DudeWipes, and who made an appearance on SharkTank to support the company, is a guy I played high school basketball with! Ryan was our point guard, but I’d venture to say supplying the world with pumpkin spice butt wipes might be his best assist to date!