Put that phone down and get some Z’s!

Hey, it’s Rich Dale.  Here’s a wild thought:  have you ever thought about giving up social media or even more drastic, giving up your smartphone?  Several people have and those who have quit social media report they are living better lives!

“I get better sleep. My attention span, I think, is great…” said Morgan Richardson, 30, a nurse in a Covid unit in Los Angeles.  (Of course, it almost sounds like Morgan drifted off a little while saying that.)

Brian Markowski, 39, a cybersecurity expert says he gave up on all social media because he felt he wasn’t living, “You’re happier as you walk away. My mental health has actually never been better,” says Markowski.

21-year-old Aden Capps went from having an iPhone 6 to a flip phone after realizing that dating without social media felt truer. “Instagram and girls were in a similar part of my brain, and Instagram was the vehicle to reach out to girls. ‘Likes’ and comments were really significant. It was horrible because the ambiguity of a comment or a ‘like’ is just capable of tormenting people.”

My hat is off to Aden for moving to a flip phone!  I’m not the most active guy in the world, but I still feel like I’m too busy living life to stop and document it every time I order a sandwich.