Putting Ice In Your Wine Is Totally Fine Now

If you are someone who thumbs your nose at people who put ice in their wine, Martha Stewart wants a word with you.

Apparently it’s totally fine now…even according to fine wine makers! Martha gives her seal of approval to just tossing in some ice cubes.

“I will put ice in my wine . . . I extend the glass quite a bit by the addition of ice cubes.  Nobody minds it anymore, even fine winemakers.  I met the man who makes the best Sauterne, and he encouraged me to add ice to it. “He said, ‘It’s fine.  Don’t worry about it, Martha.  We’re not going to get insulted.  We know the taste . . .the flavor, [and] the fineness is there.  You can add ice to it, of course.'”

Martha JUST made her own California Chardonnay with 19 Crimes called Martha’s Chard.  She’s even taste tested it on her friends.  It’ll be sold nationwide starting February 1st for $11.99 a bottle.

“I have not really been a big fan of the oaky, overly buttery Chardonnays that exist.  I thought Chardonnay in America needed a little bit of a redesign . . . to simplify and make a very palatable white wine that would sell like crazy.”

Many of you practice the icing of the wine…and many of you DO NOT!

So if you have a problem with ice in wine then you have a problem with Martha, and I suggest you let that marinate!

Oh, and PS…red wine can help you fight COVID now, apparently: