Queensryche Goin’ Vintage!

Queensryche has a new album on the way. In a new interview, singer Todd La Torre said the record should be out in late 2022. He also talked about the recording process, explaining that the band used vintage equipment.

He said, “Each song might have a little different attitude and we wanted to just use real amps and all the vintage, real stuff that was used throughout the history of Queensryche.”

La Torre went on to explain, “We did all the drums at a place in Clearwater — a huge home with the most amazing ceiling for a drum room. So we did all the drums there. And then, really, at my place [in St. Petersburg], we’re able to track all the guitars, bass and vocals.  Those days of renting thousand-dollar-a-day studios, we don’t really need that anymore. And our producer Zeuss, he does mixing and mastering, so he’s a one-stop shop. And things are going really well. We’re having a great time.”

A moment for applause, please!  First, when the band is having a great time, it usually comes through on the record.  And second, I love the whole vintage equipment idea.  My guess is that it’ll be coming out on vinyl too.

Reminds me of me and my flip phone.  Yep, I have something in common with Queensryche.