Rafael Nadal Goes For History.

I’m not a big tennis guy. I used to play some, but my knees argue against it these days. I could beat my son Jeff, back in the day, simply on athletic skills, but as he grew and got better I was way over matched. He’s a very good player now and a big fan. He’s been to all the tourney’s. Wimbledon, Roland Garros for the French Open, the US Open at The Arthur Ashe Stadium and he’s actually in Australia now for The Aussie Open there. Like I said he’s a big tennis fan. Rafael Nadal is about to have a chance to set the record for most Grand Slam wins by a man if he wins the Australian Open this weekend. It’s ironic because Novak Djokovic has 20 Grand Slam wins too, but was not allowed to stay in Australia for the tournament because of his vaccination status. He along with Roger Federer and Nadal each have 20. So it’s the next man up and Nadal is in the finals this weekend.

Rafael Nadal Needs One More Win To Set The Record.