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Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, and anyone who’s had a pet probably knows what I’m talking about. But truthfully, I didn’t know until a few years ago that “crossing the rainbow bridge” is how we talk about when our non-human loved ones pass on.

And it’s not just about dogs.  It’s sad to lose any pet that has been a companion to us. Sad to lose them, but the memories don’t have to be sad.

Here are a couple that I have to say were really my wife’s dogs, but I did know them.

Basil.  He was actually a quite small dog, as miniature dachshunds tend to be.  But this pic with no reference point makes him look huge!  When I met my wife, he was already an “old man”.


Saffron.  Another close-up of a miniature.  If she wanted to go further than a leash would get her, she would go back, then lunge forward, as though she imagined her pure momentum would break the restraint and she’d be free!  She probably imagined it in slow-mo.

Go ahead and take time today to remember with a smile the pets you’ve lost.

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