Rally In Wheaton For The Return To the Classroom & The Athletic Field.

I have to say I’m so glad to be beyond those days of having to make decisions about school for my kids. The difficult choices that are in front of parents and students today because of COVID are overwhelming. Everyone wants to have their children back in school, but is it safe and what does it mean when they have to learn remotely? What about all the other activities that school presents? All those social and athletic functions that are missing as of now?  Last night in Wheaton a large rally organized by students was attended by at least 1000 people from 8 or so area schools. Students, parents and teachers wanting in school learning and the resumption of fall sports. Right now Illinois is the only state in the Midwest that doesn’t have all fall sports going.

Here are two reports on the rally:

Click here for ABC 7

Click here for Fox 32