Ranking Peeps Flavors From Best to Worst

Easter’s definitely going to feel WAY different this year. One way to add a little bit of normalcy? Make sure to eat the one Easter treat that everyone sort-of-but-doesn’t-really like.

If you are asking me, the best peep is no peep at all. But, my personal feelings aside, I know a lot of people enjoy them (some enjoy them stale, like my mother…).

The website Thrillist.com just ranked all 17 of the current Peeps flavors from best to worst, if you’re trying to figure out which ones to grab.

The five best are: Chocolate caramel swirl . . . strawberry dipped in fudge . . . coconut dipped in dark chocolate . . . chocolate pudding . . . and party cake.

And the five worst are: Fruit punch . . . sour watermelon . . . blue raspberry . . . raspberry dipped in fudge . . . and root beer float.

The original flavor finished right in the middle of the list, in ninth place.

You can click here for the total and complete rundown.