Real Deer Kept Attacking a Rudolph Lawn Ornament

The lyrics to “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” talk about how all the other reindeer “used to laugh and call him names.”  And now, it appears they’ve turned to VIOLENCE.

A woman in northern Canada put up a Rudolph decoration on her lawn for Christmas . . . and says real deer won’t stop ATTACKING it.  She’s had it for five years, and says it keeps happening every year.  She came home the other day and found it knocked over and trampled again.  And this time she got it on video.

She thinks male deer think it’s real because it’s not a cheap lawn ornament.  It’s an archery target the size of a real white-tailed deer, with a red light bulb strapped to its nose.  So it’s a little more realistic than most decorations you see on people’s lawns.