Relief Is Just A Vote Away!

There are a great deal of our fellow citizens who are really hurting out there because of the pandemic and the economy crashing! The government has put through some help, but the need is still great and I’m confused about the opposition to President Biden’s relief package. It seems to have over whelming support out here in reality land, but not as much so back in DC. The unemployment numbers are still very high and the under employed are even higher. Stimulus money for struggling small businesses and cash payments to in need folks and famlies seems to make a lot of sense. Extending the bonus unemployment benefits is another part that will have very positive effects. I’m a lucky one! I have been able to maintain and be employed through out this malaise of madness while many of my media cohorts have been shown the door. I know close friends who have not worked in a year or lost their businesses and can’t really get out and look for new work because of the pandemic. The need is great for so many, so what’s the rub? Politics that’s it! Hey all your Senators and Congresspeople remember one thing please. You were sent to Washington to represent us, so do it. Poll your constituents and vote accordingly. I know, who am I kidding? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. So what do you think?

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