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Remember That One Band?

Hey there, Leslie Harris filling in for Scott and Danielle this morning. Yeah, I’m kind of tired, but it’s okay, as Bon Jovi once sang, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

One of the things I love about summer is the outdoor concerts, and I went to two of them this weekend. I went to see Vertical Horizon at Naperville’s Last Fling Saturday night with my older daughter. I got to admit, I don’t know their music very well, and we were kind of waiting for them to play Everything She Wants. I hate to admit this, but we weren’t really paying attention to the band, and my daughter was getting bored and wanted to leave. So, I steered her toward the front of the stage. You know what? They were awesome! They were so good that my daughter was glad we didn’t leave, and we both agreed that we’re going to check out more of Vertical Horizon’s music. She even bought one of their pins and some stickers.

Last night I went to see Big Head Todd and the Monsters also at Naperville’s Last fling. I was a little more familiar with their music, but once again, I was blown away, and I’m now thinking that I will also check out more of their stuff. One of the best parts of the concert with it local blues men Billy Branch and Ronnie Baker Brooks joined Big Head Todd on stage for the encore. SO.GOOD.

So my point here, is to check out those bands it may be only had one or two hits. You just might discover your favorite ‘new’ old band.

What bands have you ‘discovered’ years after they became popular? Let us know in the comments.

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