In case you hard a tough time getting out of bed this morning, here’s some inspiration.

A 68-year-old from Naperville, and a retired Marine, just set the Guinness World Record for planking…holding it for over eight hours! This is actually redemption for Hood, who had set this same world record in 2011 – at a measly one hour and 20 minutes – before losing it in 2016. Now, the record is back with George!

In order to properly train for this event, the athlete underwent several training camps and fitness regiments, including doing 674,000 sit ups, 270,000 push ups and a practice attempt in which he lasted 10 hours and 10 minutes in 2018.

In total, he did around 2,100 hours of planking in preparation for this recent attempt.

My favorite part of this whole story is how Hood celebrated his newly re-aquired world record. He hopped off the stage and did 75 push up!

Get it, George!!