Happy National Waffle Day!  That’s today, August 24th.

I was an adult before I found out that real waffles weren’t something you took out of a box and popped in a toaster.  The first time I heard someone mention a “waffle iron”, I thought, my waffles aren’t wrinkled, so I guess I don’t need that.

It turns out that frozen toaster waffles are not “real” waffles!  (I believe I’m the only one to ever be surprised by that.)  The first time I tasted waffles actually made from batter, I was pretty amazed.  Throw a little malt in the batter and you’ve really got something.  So they’re basically just pancakes with little squares?  Like a hundred little bowls to hold syrup?  That’s way better than pancakes!  And let’s get real — toaster waffles aren’t that bad, are they?  They still have the little bowls.

Obviously, my mom never made homemade waffles when I was a kid.  Waffles came from the freezer.  She did make pancakes though, so when I heard of toaster pancakes, I thought that was ridiculous.  It’s whatever you’re used to I guess.

So happy Waffle Day and pass the Eggos!  And I’ll see you on Thanksgiving for a Swanson turkey dinner.